We’re revolutionizing how the world accesses credit and pays bills

We’ve seen the problems and frustrations of determining credit worthiness firsthand. Highline is informed by decades of collective experience working in banks, which is why we’ve devoted ourselves to building a seamless lending and payment experience for all.

Our Vision

By helping the world reimagine how money can flow, we enable companies to better assess credit worthiness, while supporting their customers’ financial wellness and giving them more control over their finances.

Our Mission

We are reinventing both sides of the bill pay equation, allowing companies to simultaneously increase their customers’ credit options and decrease losses from missed payments.

Our Story

Employer based lending has existed for decades with phenomenal credit quality, but unable to scale through employers. Highline was formed to solve this challenge. Our insider understanding taught us that combining payroll and bill pay into a simplified process would provide lenders with much greater confidence in being repaid.

To turn these ideas and insights into reality, we've assembled an ever-growing team of leaders, dreamers, and creators. Our collaboration has produced the tools that everyone in the lending and payment equation needs to easily and automatically engage.

Meet the minds and makers driving Highline’s growth.

Geoff Brown


Arun Agrahri


Glen Fossella

CROSouth Carolina, USA

Jesse Silverman

General Counsel, CCOConnecticut, USA

Liz Gassko

Chief of StaffTexas, USA

Leon Klinke André

EngineeringSao Paulo, Brazil

Kurt Browder

EngineeringFlorida, USA

Michele Buckley

Client SuccessIdaho, USA

Antonio Carusone

Product DesignNew York, USA

Gosia Cohen

RecruitingTexas, USA

Adam Curry

Product ManagementCalifornia, USA

Antonela Destito

EngineeringSanta Fe, Argentina

Cristhiano Figueira

EngineeringSao Paulo, Brazil

Breno Ferreira Gerude

EngineeringSão Luís, Brazil

Eugen Korolev

EngineeringVilnius, Lithuania

Demi Martin

ComplianceUtah, USA

Dan Molik

EngineeringNew York, USA

Rebecca Mowat

PartnershipsGeorgia, USA

David Odohi

EngineeringLondon, England

Marccio Silva

EngineeringMontevideo, Uruguay

Alexander Sirotin

EngineeringBritish Columbia, Canada

Shehla Shaikh

OperationsTexas, USA

Nomi Slack

SalesOklahoma, USA

Olivia Vaccaro

OperationsTexas, USA

Adam Weiss

EngineeringNew York, USA

Jeremie Weldin

EngineeringSouth Carolina, USA


Easy to learn. Impossible to forget.

We liberate people with everything we build. By fully automating bill payment, we free everyone to pursue their passions.


Serving the people behind the payments.

In every interaction and innovation, we champion financial wellness, peace of mind, and personal wellbeing, for our team, clients, and customers.


Today’s lessons shape tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Through a commitment to constant learning, our mistakes become the stepping stones of collective growth, and the foundations of future knowledge.

Expand your credit box while reducing loss rates today