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Highline is a payments platform that automates bill payments directly from payroll. You get ‘set it and forget it’ peace of mind, without having to monitor your bank balance to avoid overdrafts and late fees. When your bill is paid off, you will be prompted to remove the payroll allocation so your money goes directly to your bank account.

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How does Highline work?

Your biller must be set up to offer payments with Highline. When you select Highline as your primary payment method, you will be prompted to use your payroll credentials to confirm the allocation for your bill amount.

What does it cost to use Highline?

Using Highline to pay your bills does not cost you anything. We partner with your billers to make this payment option completely free to users.

What income sources does Highline support?

Highline only supports W2 employment at this time. We are working on solutions to support gigs, creator platforms and government benefits.

What happens if I switch jobs?

Highline will be informed of the disconnect where we have ongoing access to payroll. Either Highline or your biller will reach out to make any necessary adjustments.

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