Boost margins with
Pay by Paycheck.

Generate revenue and reduce your lenders’ credit losses by collecting payments directly from your customers’ paychecks.

  • Generate revenue as a referral partner
  • Reduce your lenders’ credit losses
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience

It’s just a smarter way to pay.

Highline’s Pay by PaycheckTM

Become a
Referral Partner

Differentiate your platform with Highline’s Pay by Paycheck™, a proprietary payment method driven by our payroll driven payment network. Leverage this new alternative payment method as a competitive advantage to help your lenders reduce credit losses and expand their customer base.
Deliver a seamless customer experience with a reliable payment method that will have your lenders approving more borrowers, while avoiding late and missed payments. You’ll generate per transaction revenue from Highline’s straightforward and transparent business model, all while saving your lenders time and money. It’s a win-win.

Prevent Missed Payments and Costly Collections

With Pay by Paycheck, your lenders’ payments are prioritized to be paid before payments drafted directly from consumers’ bank accounts. Funds are allocated directly from consumers’ paychecks and routed for bill payment through Highline, while the rest of their paycheck goes straight to their bank account.
Highline’s Pay by Paycheck™ is a great tool to help you avoid collection hassles and credit losses. Your customers can set it and forget it without having to manage or stress about their bank account balance around due dates.

Avoid Payment Processing Penalties

Bypass electronic funds transfer and traditional account debits to avoid blind funds pulls and customer reversals that can result in costly nonsufficient funds and return fees, not to mention the credit loss. Save time and money by phasing out costly retry attempts and reversed payment reconciliations after failed payments.

It's just a smarter way to get paid.

Highline’s Pay by PaycheckTM

Seamless Customer Experience

Easy to Embed

Specifically designed as a seamless plugin to your existing workflows, Highline’s Pay by Paycheck™ provides a frictionless customer experience that optimizes for conversion without a heavy lift on your part.

Highline equips you with an embeddable widget for consumer authorization and a lightweight API for payment request and management. Quick to implement and even easier to maintain.

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Control Your Lender and Consumer Experience

Keep consumers within your environment to ensure the smoothest possible experience. You don’t want to risk abandonment by redirecting them to another website or sending them to log in to an account elsewhere, just to facilitate payments. And we get that.

Highline’s Pay by Paycheck™ was built with your merchants and their end consumers in mind. From checking consumer eligibility before prompting them with this payment option to a sleek and simple enrollment experience – all within your existing workflows. Setting up automatic payments has never been easier for you, your merchants or their consumers.

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