Payments. Reimagined.

Highline is a new payments platform that automates bill payments directly from payroll. Lenders can decrease missed payments by up to 2/3rds, reduce credit losses, expand customers’ credit options, and better support financial wellness.

We reinvented and simplified both sides of the bill pay equation.

Highline supports all forms of recurring bill payment, from personal loans and credit cards, to rent and utilities.

Simply drop the Highline API into your customer experience and give qualifying customers instant access to a better way to pay.

How money flows with Highline

Highline mitigates risk behind the scenes. When a customer’s employer sends their paycheck, Highline divides it as needed. The loan payment flows through the customer’s virtual Highline account directly to the lender, and the rest flows normally into their checking account.

Customers get ‘set it and forget it’ peace of mind, without having to monitor their balance to avoid overdrafts and late fees. Lenders and billers get paid on time, every time.

Start reducing losses and expanding access

Designed for developers

We made the Highline platform easy to implement and easy to use. Drop the Highline API seamlessly into your customer experience, and offer better bill pay right away.

curl -X POST https://api.highline.co/enrollments \
    -H "Authorization Bearer: AccessToken" \
    -d $' {
        "payment_amount": 20000,
        "payment_frequency": "monthly",
        "first_payment_date": 1634740754,
        "end_date": 1634840754
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