Strengthen relationships with Pay by Paycheck.

Enhance your employee experience with simple, streamlined financial management by enabling employees to make payments directly from their paychecks.

It’s just a smarter way to pay.

Highline’s Pay by PaycheckTM

Simplify Employee Finances

Highline’s Pay by Paycheck™ is a proprietary payment method with budgeting and financial management tools built in. By automating consumer bill payment directly from their paycheck, consumers are able to ensure bills are automatically paid on-time and in full. Pay by Paycheck removes the stress and worry around monitoring bank account balances before and after due date by capturing bill payments prior to paycheck direct deposit. It’s better for the employees and it’s better for you.

Promote Financial Wellness

Payroll and human capital management (HCM) software providers are at the foundation of Highline’s payment network. Putting you top of mind in the employees’ minds when it comes to making Pay by Paycheck payments. Recurring, on-time payments automated from employees’ paychecks should reduce delinquencies, which could help improve worker’s credit history.

Help Workers Do More with Their Incomes

We expect many lenders and billers in the network will provide incentives for making payments with Pay by Paycheck as they see a decrease in default rates, payment declines and reduction in fees. From lower annual percentage rates (APRs) on loans to monthly statement discounts each month of bill payment via Pay by Paycheck, payroll providers are in a compelling position to offer their workers more.

Placing Payroll at the Center

Deliver the advantages of Pay by Paycheck to workers directly from your payroll system. Give employees superior benefits directly without the complication of third parties utilizing screen scraping technology that stands to.