For payroll and HR providers

Highline and its Network of payroll platform partners are driving the growth of a unique API-enabled two-sided network, routing payments directly from payroll direct deposits.

Our payroll network allows our partner platforms to support employee financial wellness absent a dedicated program. This range of high-quality credit products, delivered through our growing network of credit partners, provides employees with direct access to savings and expanded credit approvals, and simplifies finances associated with credit cards, personal loans, auto lending, and other curated products.

As adoption and ease of access increases, expanded forms of bill payment will become commonplace, such as utility, telephone, and other manual one-off bill payments.

By payroll platforms partnering with Highline and enabling Highline payments, employees searching the marketplace for credit solutions are offered highly competitive rates and ease of acceptance from credit partners simply by their employer's payroll platforms being engaged with Highline.

This integrated network approach empowers employees to access credit products and financial solutions they may have previously been denied, all delivered through their payroll solution for a trusted, private, secure, and worry-free experience. In parallel, Highline and its payroll partner network build mutually beneficial commercial relationships from a strategic, economic, and product-based perspective.

This modern, technology-enabled approach to recurring bill payments enables employees to create a "set it and forget it" mindset, refocusing their time while enabling improved financial wellness, which leads to a more focused, engaged, and productive workforce for employers.

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