Residential Property Management

Residential property management is undergoing a revolution in the way people find and rent their homes—landlords using traditional methods of credit assessment and repayment are losing their competitiveness. Highline gives landlords superior ability-to-pay information and automates payments, resulting in expanded approvals, reduced losses, and delighted tenants.

Lenders and billers using payroll-linked payments see a 2/3rds decrease of non-repayment for the average working customer.

Lenders and billers have healthier relationships with customers because both have visibility of customers’ income.

Customers perform, on average, as if their credit score were 80 points higher, lifting about 40MM people out of subprime.

Lenders can offer loans that are generally 25% lower-priced with the same level of risk as conventional repayment methods.

Customers enjoy simplified money management as required bills paid first and 'free to spend' money in their checking account.


Minimizes product impacts by synchronizing payroll inflows/payment outflows regardless of frequencies

Minimizes operational impact by handling job changes, modifications, end of loans, and more

Maximizes coverage by accepting any income type, including 1/3rd of the time where splitting the routing is not possible (Social Security for example)

Maximizes coverage and conversions through direct API integrations with payroll platforms

Minimizes regulatory risks by accepting protected incomes and respecting UPAAD guidance

Use Cases

Expand Approvals. Approve marginal declines with Highline as the required rent payment method

Offer Payment Choice. Lower prices, better terms for new tenants that agree to use Highline

Eliminate Checks. Require new tenants to set up either Highline or ACH/card debits before their lease is approved

Dedicated Payroll Payment Service. Offer a differentiated service that requires Highline, increasing tenancy from a target segment

Convert Existing Tenants. Offer special deals or incentives to convert existing tenants to Highline, especially in high-risk segments

Expand approvals while reducing missed payments today