Get to Know Director of Change Management, Demi Martin

Where are you located?

Salt Lake City, Utah, but I’m originally from Houston,Texas. I moved to Dallas after college and then to Salt Lake.

What is your role at Highline?

As the Director of Change Management, I focus on operational excellence and risk management. I manage the creation and update of processes so that our operations function at their best. I also make sure we have all the documentation, training, communication, and quality assurance steps we need. Having this documentation available and auditable reduces operational risk.

What’s your background? What did you do before working at Highline?

I have my Bachelors in Maritime Administration and a minor in economics. After exploring the industry I realized that was not really an industry that I wanted to be in. However, it gave me skills in logistics, operations and project management which I transitioned into consumer lending. I started in customer service, then moved into credit/underwriting, then quality assurance. I soon moved into project management where I focused on operational excellence and process engineering which then led to change management. I really enjoy the variety of what I do in this role.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

Some of my favorite things to do are hot yoga, reading, traveling, hiking, and trying new things (l just recently went skydiving). One of my favorite things I own is my “nerdy bookshelf” with my growing collection og books, and some little trinkets from some of my favorite books, Harry Potter, Star Wars, including the Lego Hogwarts castle that I’m building. I also work with a non-profit supporting Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons within Ukraine.

Why did you join the Highline team?

As a startup, Highline provides a whole new opportunity that wasn’t available with an established company. There is a lot of room for innovation and adaptability. I also like what our product does which makes it more motivating. During the interview process, I was impressed by the vision of Highline and its potential. The passion came not from an end goal of making money, but from creating something that will make a difference. That core drive is the culture and type of people that I wanted to work with and for.

What has been the most rewarding aspect so far?

It is really rewarding to work with people at Highline and see the genuineness behind their actions. They are wonderful people and they are driven, but they don’t get frustrated. It’s nice to know that we are all aiming toward the same goal.

What do you think the future of fintech holds?

Fintech in general is the next phase. The world is moving away from paper and the way things move today, finances need to move quickly. Within fintech, you need to stretch your mind to think of something that does not exist to get ahead of those moves.

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