Get to Know Biscuit Production Supervisor, Burger Vaccaro

What is your background? When did your human meet you?

I found myself living on the streets for quite some time, and on a particularly fateful day, I was bitten on my face by an animal whose name I didn’t quite catch. Fortunately, a shelter found me and I would never return to the streets. Unfortunately, since the humans couldn’t figure out what kind of animal bit me, I had to spend six months in quarantine. (I tried to tell them; it was a mean one!) Two days before my release into gen pop, my human came through the shelter doors, saw my adorable pink nose and healing yet still perfect face, and it was love at first sight.

What do you enjoy doing when your human is not working?

Whether my human is working or not, I like to follow her around wherever she goes, in every room of the house. I know she appreciates my company and assistance. I especially like to follow her when she is eating. I’m a fluffy boy that loves food. I always try to sneak a bite of my human’s chicken wings; that’s my favorite treat. I also enjoy laying around, and I do my best laying around under the sun in the backyard if my human’s keyboard is occupied.

Do you let your human take you to the office? If yes, what are your duties and responsibilities?

When my human works from home, my primary responsibility is to jump on her desk and help her type by scratching my back on the keyboard. Additionally, I am a very busy biscuit maker, and that does take up a lot of my awake time.

What makes Highline special for you and your human?

The best part about Highline is that my human works from home, and I love being able to spend time with her. I also like seeing everyone on the Highline team during Zoom meetings and making my presence well-known.

What’s your favorite perk of your human working at Highline?

I love the swag. The Highline jacket is my favorite because it’s very warm and when I rub my body against it, it holds all my hair so my human doesn’t forget me when she goes into the office. I know she really enjoys that closeness, so I rub myself all over everything she’s going to wear, usually right before she leaves. I love to love her.

Who gives the pets on the Highline team?

Although I’ve only been pet by my human, I have a feeling Demi may be the best. She always says hi to me and is well trained by her own cats. I’d like to collect more samples, but I’d also like humans to not touch me. I’m torn.

What does the future look like, from your point of view? I’m looking forward to Highline being able to provide peace of mind to people everywhere so they can spend more time with their cats.

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