Get to Know Sir Oslo Churchill, the 19th Royal Covid of SARS (“Oslo”)

What is your background? When did your human meet you?

I was born on a horse farm in Connecticut. I met my human at an AI conference at Yale where we argued over the relative utility of mathematical optimization in machine learning underwriting algorithms. For the record, I was right.

What do you enjoy doing when your human is not working?

I love to catch balls, chase rabbits and squirrels, and eat everything. Although to be fair, I have yet to taste either rabbit or squirrel.

Do you let your human take you to the office?

Every day. To be honest, most of the time, he’s asleep and I’m the one talking on the Zoom calls.

If yes, what are your duties and responsibilities?

I help with legal research, negotiating with clients, and relaxing.

What makes Highline special for you and your human?

Highline is the best of both worlds; a true do-anything-needed start-up culture, combined with hard-won experienced operators in financial services. And, as a dog, that’s important to me.

What’s your favorite perk of your human working at Highline?

All the time he sits quietly in his office, typing on his computer, and lets me sleep.

Who gives the best pets on the Highline team?

*Answer intentionally left blank, for legal reasons*

What does the future look like, from your point of view?

Well, I figure I’ve got 12-14 good years left in me, so I’m in the prime of my rabbit-chasing years. A few more years with the rabbits and then it’s down to my condo in Florida for the winters.

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