Get to Know Jax and Salem, Compliance Quality Inspectors

What is your background? When did your human meet you?

Jax: I was found in a dumpster with my siblings by a sweet lady. She then gave me to her sister to raise me and I have been with her ever since

Salem: I was brought into the Dallas Animal Shelter. I had been attacked as a small kitten. My human came to visit that same day. Even in my injured state, I was very talkative and I gave it my all to convince my human to take me home. I had one hell of a compelling argument because she took me home that day.

Jax: I was really excited to have a new friend to play with, but I didn’t expect him to end up twice my size!

What do you enjoy doing when your human is not working?

Mostly we love having long in depth conversations, although she doesn’t usually have much to add except a “meow” here and there. But every now and again a good cuddle is the best way to spend our time with our human

Do you let your human take you to the office? If yes, what are your duties and responsibilities?

She couldn’t keep us out. The best cat tree is in her office. It’s very tall and gets great sunlight for us to nap in. We both also love to walk around on the bookshelf and watch her work. We check on her every once in a while to make sure she isn’t overworking herself, but we know she can handle it.

What makes Highline special for you and your human? 

Ever since she started working for Highline, our human has been much more relaxed and happy. We don’t want to work, even though our human says we could both be models. But we also don’t want her to be stressed by her work just to support our lavish lifestyle. 

What’s your favorite perk of your human working at Highline?

She gets to be home with us. We love having her around to pet us. Her lap is super warm too. Those are the best naps. Lap naps if you will.

Who gives the best pets on the Highline team?

Our human of course. She knows just the right spots.

Salem: Based on what I’ve seen on meetings, it’s my unbiased opinion that everyone at Highline would give great pets. I think they should all give me some pets so I can properly assess.

Jax: Naaaaaah, I’m good. My human does great.

What does the future look like, from your point of view? 

More cat trees and cat nip. More playdates with our favorite people and eventually our own room. That room will be filled with cat trees and cat nip.

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