Get to Know Sr. Director of Happiness, Trip Browder

What is your background? When did your human meet you? I like to believe that I am a descendant of the Queen’s corgis themselves and I have graced my humans with my royal presence, but they say I come from Missouri.  Funny name for a castle.  I had to take a plane to meet my humans for the first time in 2016 and we all fell in love right away!

What do you enjoy doing when your human is not working? I love anything involving the water. You might not believe it, but I am an excellent swimmer and diver and like to lounge on pool floats between laps. I’m also a pro at fetch and can play for hours on end. You may recognize me, as I am a bit of an influencer with my Instagram account, @Trip_the_Corgi.

Do you let your human take you to the office?  My humans work from our home so I am lucky enough to work with them every day. I like to go back and forth between their offices providing appropriate oversight of their work.  Lunchtime walks are an added bonus!

If yes, what are your duties and responsibilities? While my humans do something silly on their computers all day, it’s my responsibility to ensure their happiness. I stare at them constantly, predicting any need or movement and react accordingly. I sometimes take breaks from that to fulfill my responsibility as the neighborhood watch dog. I stare out the window and alert my humans of anything dangerous, like bears, delivery men, other dogs, butterflies, or a gentle breeze.

What makes Highline special for you and your human?  Of course, I love working from home with my human all day. But aside from that I can tell he is happy at Highline, and that makes me happy!  As the Sr. Director of Happiness, this is critical to my role.

What’s your favorite perk of your human working at Highline?  I really like attention, so it’s fun being able to say “hi” to the rest of the Highline team on video calls my human makes. The view from my office window isn’t half bad either.

Who gives the best belly rubs on the Highline team?  Hm…I I don’t know yet! I am in active talks with management to get this added as a KPI necessary for promotion. I am willing to assess this metric at any point in time, even after-hours!

What does the future look like, from your view?  The future is awesome. There are always more people to meet, more smiles to be shared, and more fetch to be played!  I think that Highline is making products that will help bring happiness to people, and I’m glad to be a very important part of it!

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